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Jetpacks are here!

First there were the 7gram Vessels. Then the 4 gram Pods. Now for our patients with commitment issues, we're introducing our Jetpacks. 2 grams of scrumptious hash in one jar. So if you ever had issues committing to 7 or 4 grams. We got you with a short term contract of 2 grams. Available on 4/20.

Anxious and need sleep? Try weed!

A federally funded study conducted by researchers from the University of Colorado, Colorado State University, and the University of Haifa suggests that individuals with anxiety may experience better sleep quality on days when they use marijuana compared to alcohol or no substances at all. The study, published in Drug and Alcohol Review, analyzed the sleep experiences of 347 people using cannabis for anxiety treatment over 30 days. Results indicated that both cannabis-use-only and co-use days were associated with higher perceived sleep quality compared to non-use days. Interestingly, the study found that the positive sleep effects of cannabis did not diminish over time for frequent users. The researchers emphasize the need for further experimental studies to explore the effects of cannabis and alcohol on sleep and the moderating role of usage frequency, particularly in populations using cannabis to cope with anxiety. Click Here to learn more.

New rules for the wheed of fortune.

Starting September 1st. The Wheed of Fortune rules will change a bit. First off, there will be no more happy hours. You will always get to spin the wheel when you shop! Second, Tue-Sat members and non-members will
be able to spin the wheel depending on their purchase total. $1-$50= 1 Spin, $51-100= 2 Spins, $101- & Up= 3 Spins. Lastly, members will get the traditional 3 spins all day on Monday.
*No Spinning the Wheel without having a final total to the order. If the total is changed, wheel spins are re-made.
*Must purchase to spin.

Currently we are not accepting new members.
If you would like to sign up we can put you on a waiting list.


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