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"AllGreens Prepares for Big Move: New Hours Announced!"

In anticipation of our upcoming relocation, AllGreens is making some changes to better serve our valued customers. Starting May, we will be closed on Sundays and Mondays as we gear up for our big move to a new location. This adjustment will allow us to focus on preparing for the transition and ensuring that we can continue to provide the same excellent service you've come to expect from us. We understand that this change may inconvenience some of our patrons, and we sincerely apologize for any disruption. However, we believe that this temporary closure will ultimately allow us to serve you better in the long run. Thank you for your continued support. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer to our move date.

"Allgreens Dispensary Unveils Unbeatable Deals on Top-Shelf Cannabis Products!"

In the heart of Denver, cannabis enthusiasts are in for a treat as Allgreens dispensary unveils a range of enticing deals on their premium products. From flavorful syrups to potent shatter, there's something for every connoisseur at unbeatable prices.Allgreens Syrup Delight: Indulge your senses with Allgreens' renowned syrups, available at a steal! For just $20, savor the taste of their flavorful varieties, or opt for a roller coaster of terps with the unflavored option, priced at  $30. Whether you prefer a burst of fruity goodness or the pure essence of cannabis, Allgreens has you covered.
White Mousse Shatter - 10% Off: Elevate your high with White Mousse shatter, now at an exclusive discount of 10% off. Crafted with precision and expertise, this premium product promises a potent and flavorful experience like no other.

To our members...

Greetings, honored members! It is with great pleasure that we introduce the Members-Only Hold, an exclusive privilege designed just for you. You as a member can indulge in the luxury of holding your order once a month, granting you up to a generous 72 hours to pick up the goods. Understand that your hold is temporary, much like all things in life. Embrace the impermanence of the moment and appreciate the joy it brings.
Now, here's the philosophical twist: If the winds of fate do not carry the call to hold your order your selection will find its way back to the end of the line. In other words - no call and your order is put back.

we are currently not accepting new members.
we would love to add you to our waiting list - just ask your budtender


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