Connoisseur HASH FROM Connoisseur CANNABIS. THAT'S WHAT WE DO.

Allgreens Dispensary
Denver, Co

"You can't wash bad cannabis and get great water hash."

Medical dispensaries in Denver carry all kinds of concetrates. But we like to stand apart.  We’ve made a name for ourselves as the best medical dispensary in Denver  by being vertically integrated and focusing on extracting via the solventless process. We love this technique because of several reasons. First of all, we get to skip all the volatile solvents and extract with water and ice. Second, the products we create represent the truest translation of taste from the original plant, without all the ashes and clorophil. Lastly, it’s the most honest extraction around. Badly grown cannabis makes bad water hash. We are commited to providing high consintent quality hash from great weed.

Live SHO Rosin

Line drawing of melted pressed hash rosin
45-89μm squished. Incredible taste and high at a reasonable price.

private reserve rosin

Line drawing of melted pressed hash rosin
90-120 μm squished. This is the washers selection, what they would keep for themselves.

Live heads

Zoomed in line drawing of live trichomes on a cannabis leaf
90-120 μm left unadulterated. Selected from only the first-wash and the best of the best batches. Trichomes and terpenes preserved in the purest form.

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