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Allgreens Dispensary
Denver, Co

Medical Patients

Good to be able to keep helping you guys out.As a medical dispensary in Denver, we're going to need some documentation: Please remember to bring a current Colorado I.D and your MED card (Digital version is ok). If you havent shopped with us with your current card please e-mail it to info@allgreens.co

EPC Patients: All patients will have a standard limit on their orders (2oz of flower or 8g concentrate or 20,000mg edibles per day). Patients with EPC's (higher daily limit depending on their physician.) will need to sign over to our license to be able to exercise their extended limit. If you want to become a member bring in a printed copy of your Med Card, your Uniform Certification Form, and your Physicians Recommendation Letter. We will need you to sign some extra paperwork when you come in. Ask your bud-tender for the member deals. Notice: If you sign over as a member with us, and then decide to leave us and sign over somewhere else (which is ok!) you CAN NOT sign back over as a member with us under that card. One shot type of place.

i.d and med card ready
A line drawing of a Colorado ID

Even though we have your Id and MED card on file. You need to have your physical, valid Colorado I.D and your physical MED card. Before you ask, yes, credentials on the Colorado ID app are accepted.

Grab some cash
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We have no ATM on site, and we don't accept debit or checks...yet. Cash is king at Allgreens. So stop at your handy-dandy ATM before shopping.

Look at the time
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The dispensary closes at 7pm, and you know there's a rush of patients at 6:45 pm. We ask you that if you are going to come in past 6:45pm, please place an online order beforehand. No sign-overs will be done after 6:45pm. No patients will be let in the door past 6:50pm.

member benefits

Being a member of something, anything, always makes you feel special. We're all about making you feel special... and high. Hence, we have a cool membership program. Members will be able to take advantage of lower prices across the board (it's the orange price on our shelf menu). On top of that, they get all of Monday to spin our famous Wheed of Fortune and unlock extra discounts. The deals are so good for patients that if you decide to leave our exclusive group, we won't be able to welcome you back until you renew your med-card. How do you sign up, you ask? Well, first off, you will either need to be unaffiliated with another dispensary or have been a member with another dispo for at least thirty days. Once that's checked, you can come into our shop with your current ID, MED Card & Physician's Certification. If you have an EPC, bring your Uniform Certification as well. We will make copies of all this information and have you sign a couple more things. When we finish processing it all, we'll reveal our secret password to you.


11AM- 7PM
762 Kalamath St. Denver, Co



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