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What's a Cross?

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This is what you are used to. Cannabis crosses are made by taking pollen from a male and pollinating a female plant. The female produces seeds and those seeds are germinated. This is why we sometimes have different phenotypes for different strains (Melted Strawberries #1,2,4,5). Several seeds from the same cross are germinated at the same time. And just like sisters or brothers, they are similar and completely different at the same time. You can tell a product is an actual cross because it's lineage will be shown with an "x". I.E. GMO x Strawberry Guava.

What's a mix?

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Mixes are made by simply mixing two or more concentrates together. There's three different stages in which the concentrate are mixed. The first is doing a mixed wash. This is when the frozen buds are washed together. The second is made by washing strains separately, and later combining their live heads together so they can be pressed together. The final method is to wash and press the strains separately, and later mix the rosin together. We've tried all three. They all produce very similar results. You can tell your product is a mix because the lineage will have a "+". I.E. Mimosa + Papaya OG.

Why Terpenes are important

Terpenes (Terps) are the unsung heroes of cannabis. There's a ton of them and we can only test for a certain amount of them. It's a new field, and new info is constantly being discovered. So keep up with us as we learn more and more about it. This is what we know at the moment: Terps are responsible for the taste and smell of the plant and extracts. But that's just scratching the surface. We've (we as in the weed scientists, not so much us) have discovered that some terpenes go further than taste and smell. For example Caryophellene has some anti-inflammatory properties, and acts like a lubricant for other cannabinoids by helping them get past the Blood-Brain Barrier. In layman's terms, it helps you get higher and it'll help getting rid of that swollen foot you've been rocking. Furthermore, (yes, we are stoners who use big words) terpene profiles are mainly what are going to determine what kind of high you experience. If you like a certain strain or mix, give their terpene report a look. You might start to discover what profiles affect you best. So have a blast flipping through these and enjoy discovering what makes you tick.
"Terpene profiles are mainly what are going to determine what kind of high you experience"

List Of MIxes

Island Boi
Pacific Cooler
Super glue
space jam

Fruit by the Foote
Banana melt
havana nights
garlic cheese

across the universe
guava man
Garlic Fields

strawberry Fondue
Strawberry Cookies


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