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Space Guava'z

Papaya OG + ECSD x The White

GG4 + Papaya OG

Strawberry Guava + Sour Garlic Cookies

Original Cheese + Strawberry Guava

Tallyman + ECSD X The White

Garlic Drip + Melted Strawberries

Tallyman + Strawberry Guava

Melted Strawberries + RP-1

Papaya Og + Original Cheese

Original Cheese + Garlic Drip

Tallyman + Cheese

Tallyman + Melted Strawberries

Melted Strawberries + Papaya OG

Melted Strawberries + RP-1


Tallyman + Mimosa

Tallyman + Mimosa + ECSD x The White

To be continued...

Original Cheese x True Believer

"Cross is unclear. It's weed, it happens."

To be continued...

East Coast Sour Diesel x The White

GMO x The White OG

Chem Sis x Sour Dubb x Chocolate Diesel

Girl Scout Cookies x Chemdawg

Biscotti x Guava'z 74

09' Animal Cookies x Guavaz 74

Strawberry Guava x Guava Pie

Strawberry Guava x Strawberry Pie

Sensi Star x Sour D

Starfighter x Alien Cookies

"We don't know... Some old dude in the mountains gave us the cut years ago... It's weed it happens."

GMO x Strawberry Guava

GMO x Strawberry Guava

Clementine x Purple Punch

Chem D x SFV OG

"We do not know! Some dude named Peter gave us the cut years ago.."

Papaya x Strawberry Guava

Papaya x Strawberry Guava

Underdog OG x Papaya

Purple Punch x Papaya

Snow Lotus x Nepali OG

Chem D x Sour Garlic Cookies

Sour Diesel x Garlic Cookies

Sour Diesel x Sans Souci

Space Runtz x Guavaz 74

Strawberry Banana x Papaya

"Creamy, Rich, Sweet, with Runtz undertones"

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