We grow, extract and sell quality cannabis and hash. it's that simple.

Allgreens Dispensary
Denver, Co
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Allgreens is quality first. Period.

Welcome to your favorite dispensary near you (or far, but definitely your favorite)! We’re a small, medical only, single source operation that has managed to ride out the worst and best times of this industry. We believe that is because we stuck to one principle throughout; NEVER COMPROMISE ON QUALITY. We’re glad you’ve shared this journey with us, and hope you continue medicating with us. .

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Demand for our hash is insane! After all it is the best med dispensary in Denver. Best way to get a better chance at a limited drop is to place an order online. We will keep the order for you throughout the day. So yo can reserve some fire Lime Ogee in the A.M, and pick it up in the P.M.

Note: Cash only/ no atm on site
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